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What is Integrated Marketing

An integrated marketing approach combines innovative paid, owned and earned media strategies with traditional public relations and digital marketing campaigns. This multi-faceted effort ensures you can deliver tailored messages to specific audience segments, regardless of where they might interact with your brand.

In the past, most brands thought of public relations and digital marketing as siloed services that rarely worked together. That’s changed – and for good reason. Take a look at some of the benefits tied to integrating both PR and digital.

  • Enhanced Brand Visibility – With an integrated marketing approach, you don’t have to choose between traditional and digital channels. An agency that handles both PR and digital can work with your business to develop strategies for each of these channels. From print to social media, you’ll enjoy brand visibility and awareness across all channels.
  • Consistent Tone and Voice – Tone and voice play a big role in your brand’s familiarity among consumers and other target audiences. While it’s effective to make small changes from time to time, regularly revamping your brand’s tone and voice could lead to confusion for potential customers. Choosing an agency with an integrated marketing approach will help you avoid doing just that. Rather than operating separately, an integrated agency coordinates PR and digital marketing efforts to ensure any and all brand messaging remains consistent.
  • Increased efficiency – In addition to clearing up confusion, an integrated marketing approach could also save you a few bucks. Take a few moments to think about everything that goes into a marketing campaign. Photography, graphics and content all come with a price tag. The beauty of an integrated approach is that it saves you the trouble of creating those components on more than one occasion. Instead of coming up with new messaging for each different channel, you can simply repurpose the content you’ve already written. Not only does this strategy reduce your marketing costs, but it also keeps your brand’s tone and voice consistent across all channels.
  • Increased Leads – Targeting your target audience across both PR and digital channels does more than cut costs and increase your brand’s visibility. In fact, it can also lead to more conversions. An integrated approach can help your brand reach more consumers, which means more leads, and, in the end, more conversions.