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What is Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing is the art of using two-way conversations to drive action. These conversations help you engage your prospects better, build an authentic relationship with them, and finally, inspire them to act. For a business, that could mean getting prospects to sign up for a newsletter, make a purchase, etc. For other organisations the action you encourage could be to sign a petition, make a donation, or even turn up to vote.

Advantages of conversational marketing

The biggest advantage of conversational marketing is that it encourages prospects to say yes to high-barrier asks. In simpler terms, it makes it easier for you to convert your prospects. Suddenly, you find that your major donors make contributions with fewer follow-ups. Your events have higher attendance, or even better, your conversion cycle is shorter.

Here are a few reasons why conversations work better:

  • Engagement is immediate: Prospects do not have to fill out a form and wait for a response.
  • It gives customers the freedom to reach out on their terms. Most of the conversations are usually initiated by the customers when they want it.
  • The exchange is highly relevant: Since the conversation is focussed around what the customer is looking for, the information is pertinent.
  • The message is better received: The customer initiates the exchange and expects a response. So the chances of them ignoring the message are quite minimal.
  • It adds a human touch: Let’s face it, to converse is human, to fill forms err…

Ultimately, conversational marketing engages the leads on their terms. It gives them a better experience and is more human than traditional marketing (like mass mailers and broadcast communication.)

Why do you need conversational marketing?

The way prospects interact with organisations is fundamentally changing. They receive too much information across digital channels to be able to keep up with them.

To give it more context – an average prospect gets 63.5 notifications a day! Be it from the social media posts, push notifications, or a dozen other alerts from various apps, the amount of information is just too much to keep up! This ‘digital burnout’ has resulted in prospects turning to more authentic, two-way conversations to get information. That is, instead of filling out a boring old form, they would much rather ask for the information and get a relevant response.

And that is exactly where conversational marketing comes in. It cuts through all the digital noise and helps you reach your audience better.

How it works

Incorporating conversational marketing does not mean doing away with your existing methods of communication. It means identifying gaps in your current prospect journey and using conversations to bridge them.

Here is a quick look at how it works:

  • Identify friction-points where conversations can drive impact
  • Engage leads in conversations at those touch points
  • Drive them to action (more conversions for high-barrier asks)

Essentially, you are optimising your existing journey with conversations, so that it can have more impact.