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Content marketing involves the creation of relevant, valuable content to a target audience, getting the target audience’s attention, and making them your customers.

What is Content Marketing

Content marketing is a strategic approach to marketing that uses engaging words and pictures. Great content will attract new customers, drive sales, and increase brand loyalty. When creative content is of real value to a clearly defined target audience, customers take actions that will lead to the growth of your business. Content marketing and traditional product marketing are not equal. In content marketing, your brand makes your product stand out, and your business provides your prospective target audience with something unique.

Your brand’s high quality e-books, blog posts, videos and webinars need to offer intrinsic value. Instead of direct advertising, your brand provides your target audience and customers with relevant content that helps them solve issues your clients have. This is why content marketing remains one of the most effective means of marketing. Potential clients will want to view something of value. If your brand’s website, blog or e-book helps your target audience solve a problem, they are likely to recommend your business to others. Referrals lead to growth of your brand’s active and engaged customer base. Content marketing will be impossible if the content of your blog posts or e-book is not relevant or valuable.

Is Content Marketing Right For You?

Today there’s hardly any businesses that aren’t utilising some kind of content marketing strategies. According to CMI’s latest study, 76% of B2C marketers and 86% of B2B marketers use content marketing strategies. However, there are still companies that fail to see the results of their content marketing efforts.

Yet not seeing results does not necessarily mean content marketing wont work for your company. All businesses can benefit from a robust content marketing strategy, as long as content creation is done right. Should your brand produce content marketing internally or outsource the content creation? It is not less expensive or “free” to undertake content creation internally. If your brand doesn’t have anyone explicitly dedicated to producing content, then your company has to allocate resources for content management or hire staff to create content. Your business might also need the services of website developers and content marketers to manage your website. Successful content marketing requires great content and your brand needs to have the right resources to create that content. Being an expert on a given topic doesn’t mean your brand will be able to share that knowledge in a comprehensive and interesting manner. The more practical option is to outsource content creation to a skilled content marketer, who produces high quality content.